Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Today I saw the video of Lily Allen's first single of her new album and fell in love with her dress right away.
Take a look!

The song is cool (cheeky like Katy Perry), her hair is adorable, the location is awesome.. I love everything about the video actually.. reminds me of a children's b-day party.
Speaking of having a great time, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.
Happy New Year, fashionfellas! ;-)

P.S.: Do you realize the bow on her collar? Yeah, yeah..

Sunday, December 21, 2008


It's already a few months ago that Chloe Sevigny wore this amazing dress to the 60th Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards at September, 13th but still it's very up-to-date and also reminds me of the Guinevere Clutch by Be & D I posted 2 days ago. Take a look.. and it's sequined!

Wouldn't that be a perfect outfit for Christmas?
I just can't get enough of this colour.

Friday, December 19, 2008


Ever heard of Be & D? If you dig this bow-clutch, you should not forget about Be Inthavong and Steve Dumain anymore and take a greater look at their handbags.
The Guinevere Clutch

Or check out the Kan Kan Tote - here in cream (also available in black and gunmetal)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I am sure you have seen that dress somewhere in magazines.

Possibly you have just turned the page without paying too much attention. How careless!
Hervé Léger's dresses are very particular and being copied a lot these days. This bandage-like look is as interesting as beautiful.

And a few of my favourites of his Fall 2008-Collection.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


This week Rihanna showed off with a well-fitted black jumpsuit (sharp shoulders, cropped leg and pockets), pointy pumps and a huge bold necklace! by Burberry Prorsum at the Jingle Bell Ball in London.

Great combination, awesome eyecatcher! Love this necklace!

(I've been posting about 'accessory-mania' in October)


If you are open-minded when it comes to fashion, you will probably fall for this designer who is someone to remember and surely to be talked about in the future.
Here the fashion Show of Fall/Winter 2008.. and don't dare to think that it's something nobody would ever dare to wear. I will show you otherwise after the clip. Enjoy!

'Who is about to wear this', you are asking? 'And to what occasion', you are wondering?
Here is Beyonce at the EMA 2008 in Liverpool.

Actually wearable to any big party-like occasion except of white/black tie-dinners, of course. It's extraordinary, dramatic and sexy. Definitely something to consider for individualistic and confident women :)

P.S.: Watch the Clip again and take a closer look at the black sequined pants at minute 1:35. Already an insider tip and available at TopShop. (Or black sequins leggings from Express.)

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Keira attending a party several weeks ago. Sorry, I couldn't find a full size picture of her outfit.. but anyhow I love her blouse and that she is wearing it with a pair of flanel-like trousers.
Lightbrown leatherhandbag and - my suggestion - adequate boots/heels.
Looks really cool with long hair (side parting) and long bangs, just like Keira.

I found a similiar outfit at Altamira NYC.

Friday, December 12, 2008


For all of the upcoming holiday gatherings, you should be prepared.
Here are the top three Outfits for December by WhoWhatWear.

Tip #1: (Satin) Cropped Pants, Shirt/Top, Jacket, Clutch, Heels/Ankle Boots.

Tip #2: Shiny Skirt (Faux Leather for instance), Puff Sleeve Bow Blouse/Straitlaced Top, Cardigan, Clutch and Heels.

Tip #3: Shirt, PVC plain stretch leggings (for the courageous ones), Military Jacket, Boots.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Yesterday I attended my company's christmas dinnerparty. As I expected, I changed my mind about the outfit a few hours before leaving. I didn't pick the classy tuxedo.. instead I prefered to do a bit of a change in style. I kept the tuxedo-blazer and mixed it with a black knee-length skirt with black sequins on top of it, black tights, white blouse and knee-lenght boots.
For Illustration (I know, I have to get myself a new camera sometime soon):

Women Tuxedo available at H&M. Very classy and affortable ;-)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I created three ways of wearing gold sequin pants for a rather state occasion (that's how I would dress for a christmas party).
H&M uses big flowers (in darkred, darkblue, black and darkgreen) to stick onto your coat or to your blouse.. I instead take black rose-rings and rose-earrings (no rose-necklaces!).


Last weekend I went to a little xmas-market at stammkaffee to visit a friend who makes her own jewelry to sell. And yes, in the end I just had to buy myself a beautiful black ring with a gorgeous black rose on it.
Check her stuff out!