Sunday, December 14, 2008


If you are open-minded when it comes to fashion, you will probably fall for this designer who is someone to remember and surely to be talked about in the future.
Here the fashion Show of Fall/Winter 2008.. and don't dare to think that it's something nobody would ever dare to wear. I will show you otherwise after the clip. Enjoy!

'Who is about to wear this', you are asking? 'And to what occasion', you are wondering?
Here is Beyonce at the EMA 2008 in Liverpool.

Actually wearable to any big party-like occasion except of white/black tie-dinners, of course. It's extraordinary, dramatic and sexy. Definitely something to consider for individualistic and confident women :)

P.S.: Watch the Clip again and take a closer look at the black sequined pants at minute 1:35. Already an insider tip and available at TopShop. (Or black sequins leggings from Express.)

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