Saturday, November 22, 2008


I don't like winter-fashion that doesn't seem to keep you warm. What is the point of that? If you don't feel (well in) your Outfit, there is no sense in wearing it.

So here is something really cool and practical.

Nice large poncho.. making it more chic with accessorizes like the long and simple necklace with a big casual pendant, belt (for a waist-silhouette) and english-style hat.
Of course.. BIG handbag (just like I LOVE it), I'd prefer black skinny jeans and boots (motorcycle or cowboy-like boots).

Feminine, easy, beautiful AND it keeps you warm.


TWO THUMBS UP for this Outfit!

Just yesterday i bought myself a cardigan like this (only in a lighter colour.. available at H&M). A must-have for fashionists :)

The way she is mixing the fake fur vest with the checked shirt, loose mini-skirt and fake leather leggings is absolutely perfect to me.

A total 'Get the Look' - piece.