Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Yes.. skirts with heels n socks go together.

I know knee-high-boots are getting fashionable this winter but I am more after the Alexa Chung-Look.

Source: Ulrika Sandström, Copenhagenstreetsyle


Charlotte from Copenhagen
This is kinda cool.. but I am having troubles with tolerating the shoes. My brain works like that:
1.) it's summer... it's hot. so what is the deal with shoes like this.
2.) she is pretty and young! i bet she has pretty feet, so why not show them?!
And I think she wears some sort of short leggings.. well, I wouldn't do that either.

Caroline from Copenhagen

Something about Aimee


I think I am starting to fall for those special wedges.. and unfortunately! I cannot find them anywhere.
(Oh and for the record, I am definitely not willing to pay like 500 Euros/Dollars/Pounds for it.. considering I do wear new shoes almost every season, it's simply an investment I am not willing to do.)

Acne does have this one:

And here some that aren't bad either.. I do prefer having them "opened" from front, so you are able to see the feet.